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07/03/2017 • Artists
Carola Pisaturo

Carola Pisaturo

"Artist of the month" is a brand new feature that focuses on one Flash Artist per month.
March is all dedicated to Carola Pisaturo, our young Italian rising star.






- Flash Artist Booking was thrilled to welcome you in 2016 and people are still talking about your gigs for Cocoon. What are you particularly looking forward to in 2017?

Cant’ believe two years have gone already! No way I can forget the very first steps of our relationship: the first gigs together, the lunch at the Cocoon headquarters in Frankfurt… Two years where I’ve visited the most breathtaking massive venues just as amazing and thrilling underground clubs, not to mention the Cocoon night at Amnesia. I feel definitely lucky. There’s nothing more I’m expecting at this moment: just want to focus on my music and at the same time keep on travelling and being at peace with myself. All with the same passion. That’s it. And that’s more than enough.



- You are one of a growing band of charismatic talented female performers gaining more and more attention. It was certainly not always like this. What do you think has changed?

Nothing special. It’s just normal that more and more outstandingly talented girls make it into the scene, as this kind of music and culture is growing in popularity since years and years, spreading its word constantly.


- Your passions spread all over the place and things tend to happen as a result. Art and fashion a big part of your life. Supporting young artists. And then compassion, your love of animals is well documented. Are you confident you can balance all these influences and distractions with the demands of an increasingly busy artistic career? Maybe you are a workaholic?

Workaholic? Not at all! Often I just want to enjoy bits of solitude instead, keeping a distance from this whole routine, lost in chilling out and contemplating. My life is made of many things and shades, just as everyone’s life. I simply try to keep the right balance. It’s ok to be determined, you know, but not to be relentless. Discipline - a word I’ve recently learned to love - plays a key role, though.



- And we have not even mentioned your murmuring rather magical Claque Music label yet. Recently 10 years young for a reason. An oasis of quality and surprise. Could you name a release that best sums up your vision for the label?

I started Claque Musique ten years ago as a net label, then it happened to turn into a “physical” label. I’ve been lucky enough to have some wonderful releases throughout the years, thanks to the talents of incredibile artists such as Donato Dozzy, Ron Trent, Skudge, Fred P, Jus-Ed… just to name a few. Even though running a label releasing vinyls ain’t gonna make you rich nowadays, not at all, it’s a great challenge and it’s something that keeps you tightly connected with the the "good side of things” of all this game. So I really hope there’s still a long life in front of my label!


- Where have you never been but dream of going? And would you pack the records?

I’d dream to visit places like Micronesia or Galapagos: where biodiversity is still crucial and the nature is still wild and almost intact. Getting there with my records? Mmm, maybe a laptop would work better. I can’t imagine how magical it would be to create music over there!







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