News COCOON @ Tipic FORMENTERA 27th July 2017

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25/07/2017 • Events
Cocoon Formentera 2017

Cocoon Formentera 2017

COCOON @ Tipic FORMENTERA  27th July 2017

What fun. What larks. Pure entertainment and superb music form someone who just gets on so well with Tipic. It was Frank Lorber of course who had the place swooning and swaying along with him. Arian did everything right to set the mood right from the get go and once again the night seemed to flash by. Over all to soon. High and dry on beautiful Formentera. It could be worse.
This Thursday we present you with a delectable threesome, if you have not yet visited we are going to keep putting temptation in your way :

The Lord of the Manor is back already which guarantees another colourful night of feisty friction on the dancefloor. Ilario nights here have a life and direction all of their own. It is a night to make new friends after treading on their toes

This deep invader of your senses is an intriguing way to fill your one-off Tipic sandwich tonight. Playing live and trust us, you have a treat in store

And yet there is more - which rhymes. Our very own Maurizio loves it so much here that we have persuaded this workaholic into a couple of shows this year at Tipic. Come and join him early and help him enjoy some downtime. He has a saucy way about him you are going to love and a fist full of tunes to match

It is number 7 already.  Do not let things drift, come and join us