Timo Maas

Timo Maas

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Hannover (DE)

Timo Maas: where we at? It wasn’t so noticeable at first. We had a good decade of his classics still circulating around our iPods, car stereos, record boxes and club sound systems. But gradually a feeling of lacking and unfulfillment began to descend on the dance music world. Where on earth did Timo Maas go? Thankfully it was nothing more than a relatively brief hiatus: a sabbatical, the likes of which are often essential to an artist’s creative reinvention and reinvigoration.

Sometimes you have to move backwards to move forwards, and it was with this cyclical ethos in mind that the German legend returned in 2008 with the subliminal techno trip of Subtellite – a record on the world’s foremost techno imprint, Cocoon, which boldly stated that he was casting aside the big league commercial identity that he had so successfully – and more importantly credibly – lived under for the best part of the Noughties.

Artist Discography

im Artist Release Title Style Date of Release Year of Release Label Action Price
Subtellite 2008 Cocoon Recordings Memorize Play sold out