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23/06/2017 Events

Cocoon Ibiza, 26.6.2017

Here is how we follow that explosion of sound and colour

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20/06/2017 Events

Cocoon Formentera with Hunter/Games

Number 2 has a blissful feel to it...

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16/06/2017 Events

Cocoon Ibiza 2017, date 4 (19.6.17)

Cast your eyes over this proposal for a Monday night out

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14/06/2017 Artists

⚡ Artist of the month: Nakadia ⚡

"I belong on stage"

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13/06/2017 Events

Cocoon Formentera 2017 - Grand Opening

join us @ Tipic and stretch your legs some more at our Grand Opening

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09/06/2017 Events

Cocoon Ibiza, week 3

welcome to our boys and girls night

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