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09/02/2017 • Artists


"Artist of the month" is a brand new feature that focuses on one Flash Artist per month and for February we have decided to have a chat with Einzelkind. Keep on reading!


You are our artist of the month Arno.
Let's start to get to know you just with a few questions....

1. Was there a defining moment when you knew you wanted to be a Dj and/or make music? Or did it just evolve and become imperative?

When I was 14 I went to to Agadir in Morocco. Holidays with my dad in one of those typical tourist resorts. There was a nightclub in the hotel and there was a dj. He was playing the oh so populare Eurodance music of the 90´s but he really knew how to mix and blend the tracks. I watched him for a bit and since then I am on my mission. Even though I was fiddling around and recording tapes before that. I guess it´s what I am here for.



2. You jam with Villalobos and clearly do not feel the Pressure. There is some silky interraction, some subtle sauce to be absorbed with the new Arnorac release. Where does this relationship come from?

We became friends a while ago and we share the same attitude when it comes to what we´re doing. Music before bullshit and all these other things that seem to become more and more important nowadays. So it was a natural thing to make some music together. I visited him in his studio and we just had a good time...

Arnorac = Shivas House



3. Quite obviously you know your way around a studio but are you seduced by gear? Are you tinkering with your studio constantly or simply getting on with it?

When I started making music I had to save some thousand Euros to buy a small mixer and an Emu sampler. Then the digital "revolution" came a long and I was fascinated by all the possibilities that came with it. Sample as much as you want, total recall by a click of a mouse and all these kinda things.
So I got into that. It changed after a while simply because it´s much more fun to play and jam with some machines so within the last few years i am getting more and more hardware but i am not a crazy hardware geek. I am slowly building my little lab and I am happy about every new family member. But at the end of the day... the machines don´t make the music. You can create a stunning piece of music with a laptop, a chicken and a glass of wine.
So my most amazing pieces of hardware are my ears.



4. You are known as a charismatic performer behind the decks. Does this come as naturally as it seems ? Are you beset by nerves before a big show or just a confident beast? And do you see your future balancing gigs with studio work ?

5. If you had to try and bridge the generation gap between you and your elders and betters, and it was not a wedding, what might you play? A tune that truly meant something to you but could tick their boxes as well. What were they playing you when you were young?

Four records that kinda define where i´m coming from:

- Peter und der Wolf:

First record. I owned. My lovely Grandmother used to play this to me and i will do the same with my kids and their kids..

- Talking Heads - Burning down the house:

My father played this a lot and "Stop making sense" was the first movie i saw in a cinema.
I fell asleep quite fast....well...i was 4..

- Yello - You gotta say yes to another excess:


- Planet Rock:

Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock
My mother used to blast a white cassette in the car which had "Breakdance" written on it.
This song sums up many things i like about electronic music.


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