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25/07/2017 • Artists
Artist of the month: Tim Green

Artist of the month: Tim Green


July is all dedicated to Tim Green and his sound. Keep on reading our latest interview with Tim where he talks about his music, upcoming releases and projects and much more. Enjoy the read Cocooners...



So you have just released a new track on the excellent Cityfox label. Can you  tell us a bit about the music and how the release came about.


Yeah it’s a collaboration between myself and The Slow Revolt which I was super happy to work on as Joe uses such incredible sounds in his music. Lovely varieties of sounds and frequencies that to me just make a beautiful spectrum of colours in my mind and for my ears! I could hear straight away from his original what I wanted to do, where I wanted to take my remix. Which I was really happy that this initial idea played out really nicely and I was able to pull it off! Very happy with the end result



You can read the full feature on MIXMAG and purchase your digital copy on BEATPORT


You have a very busy DJ schedule this summer, and have also just launched a new live show. Can you tell us about your live show?


Yeah I’ve just got back from a North American and Mexican tour, then next I’m going to Singapore to kickstart my Asia tour. Following that ill be back in Europe a little before going back out again to America, Canada and Mexico. Notably I’m back in New York on the 5th August for the Cityfox party there, my first time at Mirage and Cityfox in NY - which I can’t wait to play! New York is really becoming one of my favourite places to play now, I’v played the Ebb and Flow boat parties two times now and it’s just such incredible fun, amazing people and perfect setting!

Yes, with the new LIVE show I’ve got gigs coming up over all the summer and a lot of festivals in Europe. First up for the Live shows I’m playing Parookaville Festival Germany, Watergate Berlin, Mysteryland Amsterdam, Taggefluster Festival and the awesome artist packed MDRNTY Boat cruise which goes from Genova to Barcelona to Mallorca to Ibiza! But its basically a completely new LIVE set I’ve done which has been set in motion due to my debut album I’ve written recently for Cocoon. The set’s goal for me is to re-create the music I’ve written in the studio, new music and old music from my back catalogue. But be able to perform a lot of the parts live so I can change the feel and vibe of the music to how I feel on the day. My debut performance was at Sonar in Barcelona on our Cocoon label night, and I was extremely happy with how it went!


So you have an album coming? Can you tell us anymore about this? Do you have any other exciting projects on the horizon?


Yeah for sure, firstly It’s coming out on Cocoon. Actually Ive been asked for many years now to do an album by many different people, and I’ve always been hesitant to be honest, as I only wanted the right conditions to be able to do one. Which Cocoon really gave me, which I’m very thankful about. But about a year ago Ingo and Edgar from Cocoon Recordings was asking me if id be interested to do an album, which after speaking to them I asked if I could basically be allowed to write whatever I want. To do the album I wanted, to do make a whole journey and story within the album, not just a bunch of singles and dancefloor tracks for DJ’s. I wanted to explore the whole side of house and techno, but putting in a lot of musicality and trying to push things. Im really happy with the result and can’t wait to release it!

Other things on the horizon are a side project which I’ve been working on for many many years now. An alias and new project I’ve created under the name Invisible Minds. It has been a long time coming to get the project moving due to other commitments and general working out plans for it. But I am finally relived to be getting this project out soon. Ive never found it easy to convey the musical direction of this project using only words …. But its very eclectic, with my intentions fusing together all my musical influences where I can. Everything is performed and written by me, with the exception of some guest vocals. So expect a lot of different sounds and styles from this project.  



What do you enjoy about Djing and what do you enjoy about playing live?

DJing what I love is playing long sets and really trying to weave a journey with a whole variety of micro genres within house and techno. My favourite sets are when I can just play what I want and control the night. It can really depend on the crowd and night most of the time. Sometimes certain crowds and clubs just want a certain vibe for the most part. But I love it when they are more interested in hearing new sounds and tracks, rather than just listening to something they’ve already heard before.

Live I love the fact that its much more intense and involving playing live. The focus and energy involved is much more serious. Plus its much more fun to have control over my own music in this situation. Trying to twist and play with my music to suit best however the part

It seems you enjoy pushing your limits creatively. Why do you think this is?

I think to be honest most especially with electronic music, I feel there is still a lot of progression and boundaries that can be pushed. This I feel can be done in so many different ways. But one way I think it can be done is by really trying to push my own music like you say, creatively. Another way I feel is to mix and experiment by merging ideas or sounds from other genres. I think I’ve said this before, but one day I really hope that we can drop all the genre naming and “labelling” of sounds. I think it only really benefits the selling or finding of music, but I still think we can do without it. Too many people focus on needing to know and understand what music they listen to, just by knowing what genre it is bracketed under. I think this also unfortunately gives people a more narrow-minded view of music to discover.


13/07/2017 - Headquarters - Singapore
14/07/2017 - TBC - Bangladesh
15/07/2017 - Jenja - Jakarta
22/07/2017 - Parookavile - Cocoon Stage - Germany
28/07/2017 - One Loft - Toronto
29/07/2017 - Americana - Mexico City
04/08/2017 - Uplounge - St Louis, USA
05/08/2017 - Cityfox - New York, USA
12/08/2017 - Sonne, Mond & Sterne Festival - Germany
18/08/2017 - Flash Showcase at Watergate - Berlin, Germany
19/08/2017 - Harry Klein - Munich, Germany
27/08/2017 - Mysteryland Festival - Amsterdam



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