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13/04/2017 • Artists
Markus Fix

Markus Fix

1. You have a much anticipated Cocoon release coming soon in the "Dots and Pearls" series. What can you tell us about putting this together? How much and how long did you agonize about the selections and the way they fitted together? Or did it just fall into place? And while you are at it tell us about your own release Apex which has also been raising a ripple.

First of all, I am very happy that I got the opportunity for the latest Dots and Pearls series. I had lots of thoughts about and how I should assemble the CD. It is always important to me that in 70 minutes a little story is told. I know all Cocoon Mix CDs by Chris Tietjen, which also pursued this idea. As a first step, I have selected which tracks I definitely want to use. On the label Cocoon also a lot of techno appears but that is for me pure club music and not for a Mix CD, which one might listen at home or in the car. One thing was sure right away - to start with the “Electrica Salsa”-Remix by Roman Flügel. This track took me immediately. In this connection, there are 4 more Dots and Pearls tracks exclusively on Vinyl, which are also need to be part of the Mix, including my track "Baroon" (specially produced for the compilation). So I already had 5 tracks, which I had to build around the rest of the tracks. The mixing wasn’t difficult for me. Although I am very familiar with Cocoon, I didn’t know a few tracks. But at the end I was surprised how good they are if you listen to it properly and completely. Therefore, I also realized that the transitions tend to be long and slow. It was incredibly fun to mix the CD with the specifications of Cocoon. The more I was glad that it took only one run to complete the CD.



My "Apex EP" has been out for about 2 weeks. The responsibility of the composition is contributed by Robert Drewek of DBH-Music, who has received a selection of tracks from myself. The nice thing was that he was looking for exactly what were my current favorites. „Ausdefiniert“ has been around for some time but is one of my favorite pieces. Finally, you can get it on Vinyl!



2. Do you have other pleasure zones? A hobby or hobbies outside of music perhaps? Keep it clean.

Definitely! I have quite a few hobbies, whereby music determines 95% of my life. I really like cooking together with my wife. Preferably Italian food or a good piece of meat from my Smoker. I also like to play Playstation. This is the only time I do not care about music. Preferably football games or car racing. I also have a steering wheel at home. Someone out there who wants to compete against me? A further hobby is my football club "Eintracht Frankfurt". I do not miss any game and I like to be in the stadium as you can see also familiar faces of Cocoon. This is something typical for a guy from Frankfurt.

3. By now you have played so many Cocoon shows ranging from festival appearances to your own headliners. There must be many a story to be told. Can you pick out a juicy one for us? No need to keep it clean.

There are certainly some stories to tell. Missing suitcases with fresh underwear, crazy guests, crazy DJ's, 6 hours ride without a word to talk. In England I've been driven into a wrong club because the driver thought I was a different DJ. Usually, these stories are only funny for one side, so the details remain. But it is also always nice that there are people with the same interests all over the world and religion and skin color aren't important. Often, the first contact is at a gig with the driver. From this a few friendships arose. There are always nice surprises. Last year I was for the first time in Lebanon or in Poland. I had a totally wrong picture of these countries through the media and social network. I am so grateful that I can play international gigs in countries that I would never have visited. This broadened my view. Techno brings people together and this all over the world.


4. You are more than a little connected yet you seem to go your own way and have developed a distinctive style when playing and with your releases. But could you point at any particular influences that have helped shape your sound or style?

I must begin with a little background information. My first records I bought from 1992-1995. "First Rebirth", "Cosmic Baby", "X-Trax" and "Emmanuel Top". At that time, my favorite DJ's were Sven Väth, DJ Dag and Carl Cox. I was only concerned with this kind of music and was also very influenced by this sound. I've rather bought the things that ran in the Hr-3 Clubnight. On Mondays you also went to the record store, where there was a compartment, with all the club night records. But at this time I wasn't really deeply involved in the matter. This has actually changed with "Reload - Amenity" 1996, which has been sold to me by "Toni Rios" at Delirium. This was the first record for me, where I realized there were other music on a different energy level. Then I began to look at other subjects in the record box. Later I bought my records at Freebase Records. Here you got quite different records, a different sort and other recommendations. There, I met Meat, Bernd Maus and Dorian Paic. In the meantime, I have become a real record collector and tackled extensively with the subject. So then knew where the roots are, where the music comes from and why such a great movement has emerged. Dorian Paic developed into my favorite DJ and I listened to Ricardo Villalobos at home. So I was not influenced by Detroit or Chicago because I had a lot of relation to my city. Frankfurt!!



5. Can you play an instrument ? As a Dj you can be beautifully merciless. If you were in a band what would be your weapon ? Axe hero? Drummer ? The dynamo on the mic?

I can't play an instrument properly, but each of them a wee bit. I never had lessons, but I am very interested. I can play a few songs on the piano, a few on the guitar and also a standard beat on the drums. I can play children's songs on a flute. ;-) I'm glad I wasn't the one at school who was only allowed to play the Triangle.
Clearly, my weapon is the microphone. If I had not become a musician, then comedian.





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