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14/06/2017 • Artists


You are our artist of the month and so you get a few innocent questions...

- The obvious one first. How and when did your relationship with Cocoon and Sven Vath in particular start?

I met Sven already a few times before that, but our friendship really started in 2013. Sven loves Thailand and spends a lot of time in my country, so it was only a matter of time that we started doing events together. Our first Beach party on Koh Samui was in February 2015 and it was such a huge success that it has become the annual clubbing highlight of the island now. Our many events together then resulted in my joining Sven's agency.


- Can you say if there was a moment you saw your future ? Where you stood up in front of people and felt like a Dj ? If so where and when?

This moment already came very early in my career. I would say at the beginning of 2004, when I was playing (vinyl only) in Poland to a crowd of 6000 people. They where going crazy like if I was a superstar. I could not believe what was going on. At that point I already thought I made it and didn’t know that it was all just the very early beginning. Since then I developed so much and by playing weekend after weekend across 66 countries so far I finally became the artist I am today.


- You have some terrific remixes under your belt already and also produce your own material. Can you name someone who you would love to remix one of your tunes?. Or someone you would love to collaborate with?

During the last year I had the chance to work on cooperations with some of my favourite producers: Reboot, Aaryon, Ran Salman and Lee van Dowski. It was already like a dream come true to work with these artists. Aaryon and Ran Salman are young up-and coming names, but man are these guys great producers!
But I like to point out that I am for 95% a performing artist. I belong on stage. As much as I love to spend more time in the studio and work with more artists, my strength is what I do as a DJ and this has brought me to where I am today… not my productions.


- Charisma behind the decks is matched with what increasingly seems to be a particular Nakadia style. A fashion leader as well? How interested are you in this aspect of performing?

I love arts and fashion and I always love to find cool new outfits when I am on tour. But I don’t see my outfits as a part of the performance, when touring so much there is not much time for styling and sometimes I just wear simple shirts. I am just being myself when I play and since I am a crazy party animal - that’s what you get. I always try to build my sets in a way that at some point the room is so full of energy that we all together reach that magic level of happiness.

- You are busier and busier, loads of summer tour dates ahead of you. Are you nervous or excited about being properly on the road? Or both ?

Actually my tour schedule has been super full for many many years. I already had a full international tour schedule in my first year off DJing (2003/2004). Most people don’t realise it, but I am close to celebrate 1500 performances. It’s always exciting to see how many great gigs are ahead, but I am not nervous about the tour, I just get nervous minutes before I start to play on each gig. This will maybe never go away and funny enough, the smaller the venue, the more nervous I get.


*** JUNE ***
17/06 AMSTERDAM (Netherlands) “Mystic Garden Festival”
17/06 DÜSSELDORF (Germany) “102”
18/06 GARDA (Italy) “On Air”
20/06 ATHENS (Greece) “Mikro”
22/06 PATRA (Greece) “Square Festival”
23/06 PORTO (Portugal) “Teatro sa da Bandeira”
24/06 BELGRADE (Serbia) “Barutana”
25/06 ZENICA (Bosnia) “Stereo Groove”
30/06 IASI (Romania) “Rooftop Festival”

*** JULY ***
01.07. BUCHAREST, Romania “Rooftop Festival”
05.07. BERLIN, Wilde Renate
07.07. HECHTEL, Belgium “Forrest 808 Festival”
08.07. BEIRUT, Lebanon “The grand Factory”
15.07. IBIZA, Spain “Zoo Project”
21.07. IBIZA, Spain “Sankeys”
22.07. WEEZE, Germany “Parookaville Festival”
27.07. STOCKHOLM, Sweden “Thai Boat”
29.07. DORTMUND, Germany “Juicy Beats Festival”

*** AUGUST ***
05.08. KASTELAUN, Germany “Nature One Festival”
10.08. GALLIPOLI, Italy “Il Grido Festival”
11.08. ISTANBUL, Turkey “Kafes”
12.08. SIOFOK, Hungary “Palace”
18.08. ESTEPONA, Spain “Mosaic”

02.09. LAIVES, Italy “Bee festival”
22.09. SEOUL, Korea “World Club Dome Festival”
25.09. PHUKET, Thailand “Illuzion
30.09. SINGAPORE “Warehouse by HQ”

*** OCTOBER ***
02.10. HERFORD, Germany “Club X”
07.10. PARIS, France “Gay event"
13.10. TIMISOARA, Romania “Database”
14.10. BUDAPEST, Hungary “Cinema Hall”
20.10. AMSTERDAM, “ADE - Nakadia & Friends @ VLLA”
21.10. AMSTERDAM “ADE Cocoon @ Dockyard Festival”
31.10. LECCE, Italy “Industrie Musicali”

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