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05/03/2012 • Artists, Interviews, Releases


Cocoon Artist Booking presents with "In The Spotlight" a regular feature series - every month we present one talent of our artist booking roster with an interview and an exclusive mix available for download at Soundcloud. This time the focus is on Recognition (Jacek Sienkiewicz).


You recently switched your name from Jacek Sienkiewicz to Recognition - Live. What is the idea behind this “transformation”?

Well, as I decided to give more time to deeper, more abstract and experimental music, I wanted to clearly separate it from my more club-oriented tracks. Also, it's about getting back to my very roots, as Recognition was one of the first aliases I used back in the 90s. So, Recognition is about my roots and inspirations in Techno music, and projects under my real name are a sort of return to my psychedelic / avant-garde inspirations. So, the listeners won't be confused.


What sound can we expect? Similar to Jacek Sienkiewicz?

In a way similar, but more straightforward, more focused on pretty solid beats. Proper techno music, somewhere between Detroit and Warszawa.


 Direct link to Soundcloud

Can you tell us something about your production workflow, do you prefer hardware or software?

I use a computer of course, but I do have a lot of machines indeed – some are really old, some are brand spanking new, some were acquired years ago. I always try to find a kind of balance between digital and analogue, between high-tech and old school, so to say. Generally, I always try to find balance, in music as well as in life. 


You always play live with a lot of hardware, wouldn’t it be easier to use a laptop?

You're right – playing with a laptop is always easier. I do use a laptop, right now I'm not carrying around tons of equipment like it used to be. But honestly, I cannot imagine playing without a drum machine, an analogue effects processor and a very good mixer – that's the most basic setup I could use. On the other hand, a computer is great as a sampler replacement, and will probably be one forever.


What are your plans for 2012?

Firstly, the 30th EP on Recognition is now ready, with some more 'to the point' techno tunes. There are a few more 12"es planned for this year,  mostly for my own label. Furthermore, by the end of this year, I'm going to release an experimental album as Jacek Sienkiewicz. As for the gigs – I just played my first one with new abstract material, but for the summer I'm planning to take some proper party music for the road – around the world!


Recognition EP030 vinyl only (promo snippets) by Recognition

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