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23/10/2012 • Interviews


Welcome - Välkommen - Velkommen - Willkommen!

Cocoon Artist Booking is happy to announce that Martinez is a part of our family from now on. Our new artist does not only have an impressive portfolio of great records so far, but is also a highly charismatic DJ and last not least a very nice and funny person.


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You came in touch with electronic music already at a very young age – what was the reason for this, was there a special trigger or experience?

I'm a big music lover from an early age on. I was very much into The Cure and Depeche Mode when I was about 13 years old, but I was always interested in generally exploring new music genres and sounds. When I was about 15, I remember a friend of a friend in the school yard, who was listening to something he called "Rave" on his walkman. He handed me the left side headphone and for the first time, I listened to some of the craziest sounds I'd ever heard before that date! I found out that it was so-called "Trance Music". This music really struck me and I thought about it for days and weeks, and finally I asked if I could have a copy of that tape and then investigated the track names and artists and I started exploring this music. For me, it was a unique universe of sounds, as it was so totally different from the rock or pop music I was used to listen to. There were no sounds that you could point out and say: "this is the guitar or drums, etc…". It was this abstract, dreamy soundscape, which really inspired me! Trance led me to Detroit Techno, which later led me to Chicago House, where I finally found my love and passion for electronic music. House Music was really my thing. At that time, being a musician, I really liked House because even though it was electronic and dance music, it had a lot of influences of Soul and Funk, and it was more funky and slightly more musical, which was exactly what I was looking for at that time. 


In 2000, you have moved from Sweden to Denmark. What was the reason for this and how did this step influence you musically?

This is correct, as my mother is Danish and from Copenhagen, I had already a strong connection with that city. When I finished school, I wanted to move to a bigger city, and as Copenhagen was the nearest big city to Helsingborg (my hometown in southern Sweden) and also the place where I went every month to buy records and go to clubs, it felt natural to move there. I think Copenhagen gave me a fresh look on things and inspired me to make more out of my music. After I moved there, it was when I produced my first "real" tracks, and after living there for six months, I signed my first EP with Guidance Recordings from Chicago. I think being in Copenhagen inspired me a lot, as I could go to the record shop everyday if I wanted to. I could go and check out any international DJ that was in town and meet more people with common interests. We even had an amazing radio show on the national radio here called D'Store Mix, which was like four hours of the best of Electronic Music every Saturday night, and this also helped me to gain much more knowledge about music, events and so on. 


How would you describe your sound in your own words?

Well, honestly, it's never easy to really describe your own sound. I guess, as my roots are in House Music, that kind of groove or beat is always to be found in my music, sometimes more and sometimes less. I would also say that usually my sound is slightly darker with a subtle energetic drive, a very hypnotic and quite organic warm sound. Something like that, I think…?


Meanwhile, you have released four albums and many EPs. Where do your inspiration and the ideas for new tracks and projects come from?

Inspiration comes from everything around me, sometimes from good things that happen and sometimes also from bad moments, where music can be an incredible escape into a different world. For me, it's such a natural part of my life to create music that I feel that the inspiration is bigger than the need for output, I guess. I'm in the studio almost every day, if I can, just writing and producing music. It may be only 40% of it which is good enough to release, but I think the rest of the process is necessary to create those good moments that are strong enough for a release or for being played at the club. 


What are your plans for the near future?

Recently, I finished a bunch of remixes for various artists. My main focus at the moment is my next album, which I am working on right now, although it's getting there slowly, step by step. The main idea behind this new album project is to focus more on using my instrumental skills, recording with lots of acoustic instruments and mixing it in a very raw and direct electronic style. It's a project that I wanted to do for a long time, so it's very inspiring and interesting for me to work on these tracks. I also collaborate with a lot of musicians and other producers on this one to add yet another level to the tracks, to make everything more special. Besides that, I always like working on tracks for singles and EP's, too. I have a new 12” coming out on Memoria Recordings in November, called "Képpont & Pygmalion" with two long hypnotic Techno tracks for the dancefloor, and as a special treat for all the vinyl DJs out there, we've added some extra tools and effects that will only be released on vinyl and will not be available digitally. I'm also preparing a 12” for Jorge Savoretti's label Savor Music from Argentina, as well as lots of other projects in the pipeline which I can't yet reveal here. 


As a DJ you played in the U.S., South America and, of course, all across Europe. Is there a special moment or party you like to reminisce about?

There are so many good moments when you're touring around the world to reminisce about, and I don't want to take up the entire page with this...

However, I must say the last couple of times (especially in 2012) when I've toured in the U.S., it's been extremely good and inspiring. The crowd is growing and they are really into the music over there, you can see how the scene has developed in the U.S. over the last years. During my last tour, we had some amazing gigs, even though the U.S. promoters are really challenged with opening hour restrictions in many states and much tougher rules in general, compared to Europe for example, they always managed to throw great parties! Especially some crazy, small and intimate after hours that I really enjoyed! Oh, and I always have to mention how good Colombia is, I had such an amazing time in Medellin again this year, playing at Forum. The crowd is so dedicated and into what you do, and they gave me such a great vibe and energy that I stayed on the stage, dancing so hard that I fell off and nearly broke my leg, but it was worth it! 




Playlist: In The Spotlight ... Martinez

01. Daze Maxim - Ultrabright - Snork Enterprises 

02. Melchior Productions LTD - She Like - Perlon

03. Praslesh - Untitled 04 - Unreleased 

04. Juan Zolbaran - Journey - Unknown Label 

05. Ryo Murakami - Dive a Elevate - Pan Records

06. Michael Melchner - Untitled - Unknown Label 

07. Johnny Fiasco - Machine (Chris Carrier Remix) - Artistika Records

08. Boola - Astrahan (Gurtz Re-Edit) - Lomidhigh Organic 

09. Ferro - R2D2 V1 - Unknown Label 

10. Fumiya Tanaka - I Can Tell You Of Course I know It Was - Perlon 

11. Marcman - Give me - Unreleased 

12. Unbalance - Unbalance#5 A-side - DBH Music

13. Elon - GYT (Alex Celler Broken Circuit Dub) - Unknown Label 

14. Alejandro Mosso - CPH (Michael Melchner Remix) - Lomidhigh Organic 

15. DJ Bone - Music Speech (Accapella) -  Unknown Label