News Cocoon Heroes 2012 Talenthouse campaign ends – two Italians win!

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27/08/2012 •
Die Cocoon Heroes 2012 Talenthouse-Kampagne endet – zwei Italiener gewinnen!

Die Cocoon Heroes 2012 Talenthouse-Kampagne endet – zwei Italiener gewinnen!


"Talenthouse is the bridge between emerging talent and established professionals" – this claim was proved to be true by the Cocoon Heroes campaign that just ended, with two Italian submissions being selected as winners!


The object of the campaign was to use the Cocoon Heroes logo in a creative way – and creative is the right word to describe the submissions we received! The contest started on 31st of May and ended on 29th of July, and we received contributions from all over the world. This goes out to the creative people out there – thank you very much for your participation! We would never have expected such a massive feedback! People have used all forms of art, including performing arts and bakery...


Of course, this made it extremely hard for Sven to select a winner, the same being true for our fans, who voted for their favourite in the public poll contest. We have chosen a total of ten finalists from where both Sven and the public chose their respective winners: Daniele Galuppi (Sven) and Andrea Butteri (public poll)!



Daniele's work has a round concept, the artistic design is almost perfect, it has a good sense of humour and it reflects our approach to be more than just a party promoter among others – our lifestyle was transported in a very sophisticated way, aiming at a totally different target group than before.


Daniele Galuppi


The winner of the public poll was – by far – Andrea Butteri with his adaption of the Cocoon Heroes logo. His creation is rather different from what we were used to see as flyers: a world map in Lord-of-the-Rings style, combined with a modern look and illustrating the fact that our audience comes from all over the world.


Andrea Buttieri


Sven's winner can look forward to spend five days in Ibiza, VIP access to Cocoon Heroes at Amnesia and at Tipic / Formentera included! Besides that, his poster will be printed and displayed all over Ibiza.


The winner of the public poll gets free tickets for Cocoon Heroes at Amnesia as well as merchandise package, and his poster motif will be featured in our online campaign.


Have a look at the works of all finalists here!


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