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19/10/2012 • Events
Cocoon Heroes. The ride continues!

Cocoon Heroes. The ride continues!


What a season and what a summer - at least on our beloved pirate's island! What the rest of Europe missed, regarding the weather - we had it in abundance. And even when it was not so sunny, we just heated up the nights ourselves, with the help of our fans and guests. Based on last year's idea to create a PR campaign not FOR you but together WITH you, our motto in 2012, "Into The Magic", has lived very much on the creative ideas and the great photos from our fans. We cannot thank you enough for this, Cocoon Heroes! Your enthusiasm and, above all, your contribution to the Cocoon nights could not at all be overestimated - you completed the magic! 


Especially in this turbulent summer, you have impressively shown that the ride goes on. This year, many fans but also many critics have praised Cocoon to be again one of the best nights on the island. With our dancers, our décor, the whole campaign, the light shows and installations by Reach Visuals, the objects by Mike Schaaf and of course our artists and DJs, we are raising the bar for ourselves each year. Señor Ricardo, Brother Dice, Herr Kaden, Miss Cassy and certainly "The Leader of the Pack", Mister Sven Väth have put the motto into practice and made the nights truly magical! From all guest DJs and Live Acts, we remember most vividly the awesome live sets by Luke Slater aka Planetary Assault Systems and Premiesku (aka Livio & Roby) - and there's more to come! The nights with Adam Beyer and Chris Liebing have brought pure Techno back on the island's party agenda and we will go one better here in the upcoming years for sure.



Cocoon has rocked the house and will prove that in 2013! Not to mention our legendary After Hour reprises at "La Sal Rossa" on Playa d'en Bossa, and also the Cocoon Ibiza offshoot in Formentera at the "Tipic" has beaten all records and we feel confirmed in carrying on with this project. So, the thrill remains and 2013 can come.


Until then, we will reduce the waiting time by sending our Cocoon Heroes entourage on a big world tour. We bring you the true Ibiza vibe, the DJs, the dancers, the legendary Reach Visuals and above all: the sound! 

Cocoon Heroes is coming to town!



Cocoon Heroes Paris

October 12th at Showcase

Tobi Neumann, Sascha Dive, Dorian Paic


Cocoon Heroes Amsterdam

October 20th at ADE

Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh


Cocoon Heroes Manchester

November 2nd at Warehouse Project

Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos, Cassy, Sascha Dive, Dinky


Cocoon Heroes Dominican Republic

November 3rd at Jellyfish

Frank Lorber, Toni Rios


Cocoon Heroes Berlin

November 3rd at Watergate

Tobi Neumann, Daniel Stefanik, Markus Fix, Ilario Alicante


Cocoon Heroes Sao Paulo

November 8th at D-Edge

Sven Väth, Sascha Dive


Cocoon Heroes Brazil

November 9th at Warung Club

Sven Väth, Sascha Dive


Cocoon Heroes Buenos Aires

November 10th at Creamfields

Sven Väth, Sascha Dive, Dorian Paic


Cocoon Heroes Lima

November 17th at Creamfields

Sascha Dive, Dorian Paic


Cocoon Heroes Montreal

November 30th at Stereo

Dubfire, Andre Galluzzi


Cocoon Heroes Bristol

November 30th at I:Motion

Sven Väth, Seth Troxler


Cocoon Heroes London

December 1st at Great Suffolk Street Warehouse

Sven Väth, Cassy, Onur Özer


Cocoon Heroes Montpellier

December 1st at L'Antirouille

Dorian Paic, Chris Tietjen


Cocoon Heroes Rome

December 7th at Atlantico

Sven Väth


Cocoon Heroes New York

December 7th at TBA

Onur Özer, Tobi Neumann, Andre Galluzzi


Cocoon Heroes Miami

December 9th at UR1 Festival

Sven Väth, Dubfire, Onur Özer, Tobi Neumann


Cocoon Heroes Tokyo

December 29th at ageHa

Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh


Cocoon Heroes Mexico

January 7th at BPM Festival

Sven Väth, Cassy



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