News Cocoon Ibiza 2017, date 4 (19.6.17)

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16/06/2017 • Events
Cocoon Ibiza 2017

Cocoon Ibiza 2017

COCOON IBIZA - 19th June 2017

The boys and girls night last Monday. The terrace was feverish. Fabio Florido to Gaiser Live ing  it up and then our first Richie of the season and hours that went all too quickly. 4 more exclusive chances to see the maestro this year and try not to miss any of them Over in the club the climate was also tropical. Anthea and tINI toyed with the crowd before Nina Kraviz rammed the techno ball into the net for the 2nd time in 3 weeks.

Three Mondays of motivational music have set us up for a knee trembler on week 4 spearheaded by legends

Cast your eyes over this proposal for a Monday night out :

In the main room

Formidable this year, some stunning gigs already on the summer tour. However when Sven steps into the main room of Amnesia for the first time in any season you know what to do. Drop everything. Go and listen to some records spun by someone who knows this room backwards and forwards

Those of you who witnessed his ferocious sets last season will no doubt be in position for  another excursion with Mano Le Tough on his only show with us this year. If you missed him then be assured he will warm up the main room in a sultry fashion

On the terrace :

Greetings Ricardo. We had to wait until week number 4 for the first of your 6 exclusive Cocoon  Ibiza shows this year. Nothing more needs to be said. Well lets just add that many of us are dribbling with anticipation

There are 4 portions of poetry coming your way from Sonja this year. 3 here on the terrace and 1 in the main room come July. It has been  quite a year for Moonear and the best strategy must be to get a piece of it immediately – why wait?

Don’t know these guys? You soon will, Traffic Records. Daring, innovative, playful music that cannot be pinned down  Not so long ago these 3 joined a Boiler Room inspired celebration of 20 years of Cocoon at our Frankfurt HQ. It took two weeks to tidy up the office but it was well worth it. This is not a night to arrive late.

What a line-u p tonight !   Gosh.

We are 18 for a reason