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31/07/2017 • Events
Cocoon Ibiza 2017: The Line Up

Cocoon Ibiza 2017: The Line Up


Well dear friends that was ridiculous last Monday was it not? So good that we completely overran as Solomun delighted what was almost a sunlit terrace. Hairs standing up on the back of our necks and these were Ibiza moments. Sven set it all up on the terrace with a gorgeous set and now look out tonight. And there was more. Over the way Scuba did it again in the main room and was followed by yet another sublime combustion of sound that Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg seem to provide routinely. This was a night where once again the circle was rounded. Cocoon provides the complete package. Sheer unadulterated quality from brilliant artists.

And for tonights story another serious expedition is prospect. Not a minute wasted, no fluff and no fillers. We are 18 for a reason

In the club :

Knowing Sven as we do this is a time to put your best clubbing shoes on and make no plans for the next day or so. 3 weeks opening on the terrace for some fine friends as you have seen (and for himself all night long) means one thing ladies and gentlemen. Tonight in the main room expect some techno, techno from a master. This one is going to be boisterous. This one is going to be loud. Sven Vath. Main room for only the second time this season. Just be there.  

And this is ideal. Warming your good shoes one of our favourite exponents of the live set. Christian has been doing this for us a while and in the main room he never fails. Clonking good work

A warm welcome back for the far too good looking Andre who has been bringing his own brand of techno back to the park and it is far too good to ignore. We didn’t, so please get yourselves here early tonight and you will not regret it for a moment

On the terrace:



A trio of friends who mean an awful lot in this world in such different ways. It is a happy day when we can present them on the same stage together. Ricardo has been just swatting it on the festival circuit but on Ibiza there is only one place to see him take his art ever further. The third exclusive Villalobos show happens tonight.

Oh Seth. We adore your style, your ethos and your spirit. We need you to be as fearless as you are. What a bonus that every time we see you play we learn something new. Especially when you are playing b2b with the one and only

The legendary Fabric resident, not for the first time, saddles up with Seth.  Later this summer Houghton, a brand new UK festival has his fingerprints all over it and smells very special. Seth and Ricardo obviously think so. Another visionary for your pleasure tonight if you arrive in time. 

A night that is going to fly. It really is.   The 18th season is bringing Ibiza back tot he roots