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09/06/2017 • Events
Cocoon Ibiza 2017

Cocoon Ibiza 2017

A ridiculously brilliant opening party, yet last week Sven simply came back and showed us some more on the terrace. Absolutely brilliant. Gerd Janson set it up. In the main room Dense and Pika were a debut revelation before Patrick Topping so saucily introduced a masterclass from Adam Beyer.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it there is no hiding place this year, no mercy, no skipping a week because every week smells of classic

Week 3 is next, welcome to our boys and girls night :

On the terrace :

Now then. If you are anything like us you have been waiting for this. It feels so good to write that this is the first of 5 exclusive to Cocoon Richie Hawtin shows on the Island this year. Not much more needs to be said. Last year there was just 1 and look what happened that night with Sven. It was sensational

And what a way to warm you up? Very happy to welcome back one of the finest -when it comes to dishing out live sets that just fit together so perfectly but stay raw, and unpredictable. Gaiser is live for you tonight

A very busy Cocoon night and to get you in the mood for everything an Italian producer and Dj who you should make a point of checking eary doors. An interesting gentleman

In the main room :

The main room took a beautiful pounding from Nina Kravitz on that amazing opening party night, Delivered with such a flourish was an uncompromising set of proper techno that swept the crowd away. Brilliant it was. The second show is coming your way tonight

One of our favourite and most talented friends makes her first appearance this year with her exquisite taste and a satchel full of great music. It is always a pleasure to welcome pure energy to the main room. tINI always brings that

As you can see it is a girls night in the main room and we have in the house for the first time yet another new talent worth your attention. Berlin based Anthea has been impressing the best with her silky meshing of house and techno. First up tonight

Quality, variety and a crowd on the dancefloor like no other. The 18th season of Cocoon Ibiza has it all - and this is just party number 3