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03/12/2013 •
Cocoon Winter Sale

Cocoon Winter Sale

In life there are certain things, exotic exciting moving moments and events that are very special for people like us - which of course includes you as you are reading this. 


Yes our selfies are a trip but we also love finding ways to remember and commemorate the murderously good music and people we met during the year. Sometimes we might even get struck by an urge to just give – give something of this magic to those so luckily there with us and of course, for those unlucky ones that were not, a bit of Cocoon flavour goes a long way...


To get finally to the point December is here and Mr and Mrs Bargain just arrived and spanked the Cocoon bottom.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our merchandise which is why even though we will offer you new and more next year you get the chance to empty some shelves this year. Buy our superb products at massively reduced prices while stocks last. You uncork the purse or wallet at 2.99, surf on several 9.99’s and for those players who love a Twin set (limited oh so limited edition) climax on a 199 with a huge 70 euro saving.


There is much more in The Annual Cocoon Winter Sale.


Have a look. Remember it is first come first serve and the sale starts today 4th December with last orders taken on the 24th December


Virtual very efficient Cocoon shop is right here with all you need to know 


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