Cocoon Heroes 05/09/2011

Cocoon Heroes

Cocoon Heroes

Main Room: Sven Väth (all night long), Christian Burkhardt (live)

House Terrace: Marco Carola, Sascha Dive, Chris Tietjen


Summer, sun, salt in the air! Finally, the long cold and grey winter is over. It felt endless, this winter that made the island look so remote. Now it starts again, this anticipation of what the future will bring. The anticipation of the known, but also of the new and unpredictable. And the most important thing: I am not alone! Where are the heroes of the night? You are my hero, I am your hero, all of you are our heroes. Everybody, friends and hands, shamans and magicians. The masters of loudness as well as the many helpers in the background, without whom all this would not be possible. We are one: Cocoon Heroes!
Come on, join the journey, because the island is ready for new heroes! Enjoy the sun, taste the salty air, meet again all the other heroes and embrace new ones. This is the flight into the heart of the beat, the perfect party and the following day in all its beauty. Not from this world – a short utopia – however, one that we are creating – together. With that power, this seemingly unending power of the sun. Let us make use from it, because we can succeed. We, the pirates, the travellers, the dancers and the artists, and all the others who want to get the cold and grey winter off their minds.
A dream? Yes, sure – but one we are able to live, thanks to you. A dream that we create, a dream that we make come true. Together with you!

Because we are the party: Cocoon Heroes!


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