About Cocoon

COCOON is the name of Sven Väth's vision of creative development in electronic music, and belongs to Germany's leading event agencies. A quality brand, divided into different branches:

Cocoon Departments

Cocoon Recordings

is Cocoon's label, existing since 2000 and being one of the most successful labels in Germany.

Cocoon Artist Booking

is the first address to book artists within the field of electronic dance music.

Cocoon Events

Club residencies, Cocoon in the Mountains, Cocoon in the Park...

Cocoon Ibiza

at Amnesia is the most successful party series on the island and attracts an international audience.

Green & Blue

is one of the most popular day events for electronic dance music in Germany.

Sven Väth

is the head and heart behind Cocoon and has influenced the electronic dance music scene for many years.


your music, restaurant and clubbing experience since 2004.

Cocoon Shop

Vinyls, CDs, downloads, T-shirts, sweatshirts, tops, leggings, pants, jackets...