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Cocoon has expanded and has founded the Cocoon Publishing UG, which is the publishing branch of Sven Väth's label Cocoon Recordings.

As a partner, Cocoon Publishing will be working with Roba Music Publishing GmbH from Hamburg, who are taking care for the administrative part.

Roba Music Publishing concentrates on the utilization and trade of rights in the music industry. The company covers the full range of the utilization of rights and is focused on the potential of their publishing partners, composers and writers. Since its founding in 1969, the company has established as one of the leading music publishers in Germany.

For Cocoon, it is decisive to offer its artists and originators another in-house service that is highly important for them in order to utilize their rights successfully. According the motto 'All under one roof!', our artists have now exactly this possibility.

Only the cooperation with a publisher guarantees the originator that his rights are registered digitally in a comprehensive and, above all, contemporary way in order to be utilized and marketed efficiently. Thus, the artist's claims will be satisfied in the future properly and detailed.

Cocoon Publishing is operated by Edgar Dirksen and Ingo Boss.

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