Steve Bug Look Who's Stalking / Zero Balance

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Cocoon RecordingsTechhouse26/10/09

For more than 15 years now, Steve Bug is known for influential track somewhere in between House, Techno and Minimalism. With his very good sense for the energy of self-limitation, Bug has set standards when it comes to the Funk of modern sound geometry, especially with his imprint Poker Flat Recordings. Milestones such as "Loverboy", "Monsterbaze" or "Wet'n Dry" are now essential elements of the history of electronic dance music.

Only a few weeks after the release of his fourth album "Collaboratory", Bug even tops that one with this 12" on Cocoon: while "Look Who's Stalking" obviously refers to Steve's close relation to the raw energy of U.S. House in between Chicago Trax and Detroit, using driving hand claps, percussions and nasty vocals, the flipside "Zero Balance" could pass as a vision of how far you can reduce Techhouse to the essence of a bass line. Also here, short vocal loops – besides the fast-moving elements – complete a sensibility that makes Bug's tracks such high quality music for a very long time now.

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