Chris Tietjen • Reboot • Johnny D. Disco Invaders

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Cocoon RecordingsTechhouse27/06/08

Summer is near, the international Spaceport Ibiza opens its doors and together with his crew, Commander Väth is raring to go – ready for the Disco Invasion at Amnesia. However, before the Amnesia raid takes place, Commander Sven is sending the first signal from planet Minimal Techno Funk – with the Cocoon Summer Mix Cd and its Cosmic Electronic Grooves on two CDs, he is giving a foretaste of the attack of the Disco Invaders.

On the first CD, Chris Tietjen opens his case and has compiled a fine and funky mix from tracks by newcomers such as Minilogue, Markus Fix or Robert Dietz, capturing the motto of this year's season in a perfect way: groovy, funky, housy. Being only 22, Chris has widened his fanbase over the last few years both nationwide and internationally, and has developed into a true ambassador who is perfectly reflecting the Cocoon vibe and transporting it to the planet's dancefloors.

The second CD ties in with its predecessor and sprays a groovy and housy sound, matching the summer just like Cocoon matches Ibiza. With Reboot and Johnny D, two young DJs from the Rhein Main area are coming to the fore, using mainly unreleased own tracks in their mix, and thus putting their trademark on the mix. Both Frank Heinrich (Reboot) as well as Johnny Debese are new to the Cocoon Ibiza crew, and have, over the last 18 months, attracted attention with numerous productions. Whereas Johnny has made his debut on Oslo Rec., Frank caused a furore with his release on Cadenza. And due to the fact that both of them are madly working on new productions and projects, we can look forward to a lot of hot stuff. So, if you can't wait for the attack of the Disco Invaders and already want to get in the mood at home – here is the perfect mix for you! Welcome to the Cocoon Summer 2008!