Steve Bug • Chris Tietjen Green & Blue 2010

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Cocoon RecordingsTechhouse13/09/10

It’s looking really good for the 2010 edition of Green & Blue Festival. The location and date have been established and friends and electronic music lovers worldwide have massively copied the popular date into their agendas. In the end Langener Waldsee is the only location that can compete with the beaches of the Balearic Islands. Full of enthusiasm Steve Bug and Chris Tietjen have released the first official soundtrack, and this is done with a musical exclamation mark!

Steve Bug, Labelhead of Poker Flat and Desseous, has been a welcome guest since the early beginning of Cocoon Recordings, with his CD “the Flow” Steve was one of the first to record a Mix-Compilation in 2001. The “Minimal Funk” lover surprisingly prepared a magnificent House-set of the finer art and starts with an exceptional track at the beginning of his set. Christian Smiths rework of „At Les“, THE classical track of the album „More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art“ by Carl Craig from 1997, is already now one of the most visionary techhouse tracks of this season and available for the first time on cd. Especially the asychron xylophon-play from Kenny Larkin's "Glob" and the bassline endurance operation "The Light" by the Berlin DJ-institution Andre Lodemann is to be warmly recommended from the 72 minutes of eversparkling moments of surprise.

More than ever the 25-year-old DJ from Frankfurt Chris Tietjen has established himself as a member of Cocoon, with his yearly appearing Cocoon-Mix-Compilations „Eins“ To „Fünf“ he has his fingers on the pulse of Cocoon like nobody else. In his mix Chris remains true to his DJ-style, which is an exceptionally groovy form of reduced tech-house where he creates plenty of breathing space within his tracks. It is not coincidental that the Brooklyn-based producer Gadi Mizrahi starts with a soulful tribal bomb which aims deep and has a hypnotic effect on the dancefloor before Lee Burridge´s and Matthew Dekay´s organic-jazzy „Wongel“ ups the tempo indistinguishably.

However, the encouraged US-House-tribute by Niko Gala („The Pump“) from Thessaloniki, which has already created a furor on Radioslave´s label Rekids and the „Deadly Bees“ from the likewise Greek producer CJ Jeff, causes a totally euphoric feeling.

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