Sven Väth

Sven Väth


18/08/2017 Events

COCOON IBIZA – 21st August 2017

18 and how good it feels this year

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14/08/2017 Events

COCOON IBIZA – 14th August 2017

18 years of spirit and spice

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07/08/2017 Events

COCOON IBIZA – 7th August 2017

The foot stays on the gas, have a look at this :

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31/07/2017 Events

Cocoon Ibiza, 31.7.17

And for tonights story another serious expedition is prospect. Not a minute wasted, no fluff and no fillers. We are 18 for a reason...

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24/07/2017 Events


To follow that trip through the pearly gates we run this week with 4 acts and what seem to be 2 new annual must be theres:

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10/07/2017 Events

Cocoon Ibiza, 10.07.2017

You are spoilt for choice

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