Sven Väth

Sven Väth


04/09/2015 Events

Cocoon Ibiza 2015 - lap #15

Life is sweet because this is the time when all of us hard working souls get a chance to join you on the dancefloor..

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28/08/2015 Events

Party #13, the review by our Cocoon Butterfly...

Sven’s played his last track - Ricardo Tobar – Brittle, and the energy just got higher and higher....

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24/08/2015 Events

Party #12, the review by our Cocoon Butterfly...

Sven was bossing it, and you wouldn’t expect any less, when doesn’t he boss it these days?!

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21/08/2015 Events

Cocoon Ibiza - Lucky 13

This is number 13, unlucky for some but very lucky for you and us as we get set to experience  another spellbinding night...

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17/08/2015 Events

Cocoon Ibiza - week 11 review by our Cocoon Butterfly

Well the terrace was utterly phenomenal, I nearly burst when I walked in...

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14/08/2015 Events

16DANCE - Week 12 is coming!

Cocoon 16 marches on ever more excitingly...

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