Sven Väth

Sven Väth


31/07/2015 Events

Cocoon at Amnesia, Week 10!

Week 10 in this epic number 16 and more breathless bouncing booty for you..

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25/07/2015 Events

Cocoon at Amnesia Ibiza, date 9 - 27.7.15

We are now about to bring you another one in the 9th week of Cocoon 16...

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15/07/2015 Events

Cocoon In The Park 2015: THANK YOU!

We have just about recovered from a fantastic 7th year of Cocoon in the Park.

Cocoon In The Park
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10/07/2015 Events

Cocoon Ibiza, lap #7

Life is hot and sweet...

Cocoon Ibiza
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03/07/2015 Events

Cocoon Ibiza, our sixth party on the island!

Now get your heads around another prime time assortment . It’s sex, except with an i in the middle :

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26/06/2015 Events

Cocoon Ibiza, adventure #5.

This is Cocoon 16 and we do things our way...

adventure #5., Cocoon Ibiza
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