Sven Väth

Sven Väth


23/08/2014 Events

Cocoon Ibiza, week 12: The review from our Cocoon Butterfly

Two thirds of the way into the Cocoon Ibiza summer and this was one of the parties that makes me feel like i don’t want it to end...

Cocoon at Amnesia 2014
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18/08/2014 Events

Cocoon @ Amnesia with Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth, Adam Beyer & Mathias Kaden...tonight!!!

This week more and more and more.
The 12th of the Monday nights that meddles with all your senses.

Adam Beyer, Mathias Kaden, Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth
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15/08/2014 Events


When a man like him is celebrating such a special date be prepared for the unexpected....

sven väth 50th birthday
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09/08/2014 Events

Cocoon at Amnesia on Monday 11th August!

The 11th Monday is on the 11th. Welcome to the climax of Lion Week.....Welcome to a gut busting bad boy bonanza

Ame, Luciano, mirko loko, ricardo villalobos, Sven Väth
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06/08/2014 Events

The Pre-Sale for Sven Väth's 50th Birthday has started!!!

Time Warp presents 50 Years Sven Väth – the big birthday event!

sven väth 50th birthday
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01/08/2014 Events

Cocoon is back in Amnesia on Monday 4th August!

Dear reader, we can tell you it is going to get even better. First comes the 10th week of the Monday night that is above all musically motivated...

Carl Craig, cesar merveille, Ilario Alicante, Luciano, Sven Väth
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