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Fri Jun 17

Cocoon Ibiza – Date 4

Ibiza & Formentera

Cocoon Ibiza – Date 4

The boys and girls night last Monday. The terrace was feverish. Fabio Florido to Gaiser Live ing it up and then our first Richie of the season and hours that went all too quickly. 4 more exclusive chances to see the maestro this year and try not to miss any of them Over in the club the climate was also tropical. Anthea and tINI toyed with the crowd before Nina Kraviz rammed the techno ball into the net for the 2nd time in 3 weeks.

Three Mondays of motivational music have set us up for a knee trembler on week 4 spearheaded by legends. Cast your eyes over this proposal for a Monday night out :

In the main room

Formidable this year, some stunning gigs already on the summer tour. However when Sven steps into the main room of Amnesia for the first time in any season you know what to do. Drop everything. Go and listen to some records spun by someone who knows this room backwards and forwards

Those of you who witnessed his ferocious sets last season will no doubt be in position for another excursion with Mano Le Tough on his only show with us this year. If you missed him then be assured he will warm up the main room in a sultry fashion

On the terrace :

Greetings Ricardo. We had to wait until week number 4 for the first of your 6 exclusive Cocoon Ibiza shows this year. Nothing more needs to be said. Well lets just add that many of us are dribbling with anticipation

There are 4 portions of poetry coming your way from Sonja this year. 3 here on the terrace and 1 in the main room come July. It has been quite a year for Moonear and the best strategy must be to get a piece of it immediately – why wait?

Don’t know these guys? You soon will, Traffic Records. Daring, innovative, playful music that cannot be pinned down. Not so long ago these 3 joined a Boiler Room inspired celebration of 20 years of Cocoon at our Frankfurt HQ. It took two weeks to tidy up the office but it was well worth it. This is not a night to arrive late.

What a line-u p tonight! Gosh.
We are 18 for a reason


Tue Jun 17

Cocoon at Tipic Formentera – The Opening 2017

Ibiza & Formentera

Cocoon at Tipic Formentera – The Opening 2017

Welcome for the 7th time to a season of parties that we at Cocoon Ibiza have become so very fond of.

Every Thursday from today a chance to stretch your legs and hopefully explore this beautiful island before heading down to join us @ Tipic and stretch your legs some more at our Grand Opening

If you saw the first announcement you know that this season we have an astonishing line-up prepared for such an intimate setting.

It starts as it means to go on with :

Long term friend of Cocoon for a reason, one of the most vibrant versatile producers and dj’s with a track record that makes you dribble when you look at it. Ovum Recordings a vital imprint and so much more is up the sleeve of Josh Wink. A special treat for the opening

You will be hearing lots more about our very own Cesar and he will get you on the road tonight with such taste and delicacy that you will forget you got too much sun on those gorgeous beaches.

Fully up and running then is Cocoon in the Balearics. Join us at Tipic for a chat and a dance.



Fri Jun 17

Cocoon Ibiza – Date 3

Ibiza & Formentera

Cocoon Ibiza – Date 3

A ridiculously brilliant opening party, yet last week Sven simply came back and showed us some more on the terrace. Absolutely brilliant. Gerd Janson set it up. In the main room Dense and Pika were a debut revelation before Patrick Topping so saucily introduced a masterclass from Adam Beyer.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it there is no hiding place this year, no mercy, no skipping a week because every week smells of classic Week 3 is next, welcome to our boys and girls night :

On the terrace:

Now then. If you are anything like us you have been waiting for this. It feels so good to write that this is the first of 5 exclusive to Cocoon Richie Hawtin shows on the Island this year. Not much more needs to be said. Last year there was just 1 and look what happened that night with Sven. It was sensational.

And what a way to warm you up? Very happy to welcome back one of the finest -when it comes to dishing out live sets that just fit together so perfectly but stay raw, and unpredictable. Gaiser is live for you tonight.

A very busy Cocoon night and to get you in the mood for everything an Italian producer and Dj who you should make a point of checking eary doors. An interesting gentleman.

In the main room:

The main room took a beautiful pounding from Nina Kravitz on that amazing opening party night, Delivered with such a flourish was an uncompromising set of proper techno that swept the crowd away. Brilliant it was. The second show is coming your way tonight.

One of our favourite and most talented friends makes her first appearance this year with her exquisite taste and a satchel full of great music. It is always a pleasure to welcome pure energy to the main room. tINI always brings that.

As you can see it is a girls night in the main room and we have in the house for the first time yet another new talent worth your attention. Berlin based Anthea has been impressing the best with her silky meshing of house and techno. First up tonight.

Quality, variety and a crowd on the dancefloor like no other. The 18th season of Cocoon Ibiza has it all – and this is just party number 3



Mon Jun 17

Cocoon Ibiza – Date 2

Ibiza & Formentera

Cocoon Ibiza – Date 2

COCOON IBIZA – 5th June 2017

There was something in the air right from the start last Monday night as Cocoon Ibiza opened the doors of Amnesia for its 18th season. People poured in early and took advantage of 2 very different characters who got this party going. Dj Koze effortlessly cool on the terrace and Dorian Paic began his big summer in style. Ilario just gets more and more beguiling and set up a superb Nina Kravitz blast of techno heaven.

Week 2 shapes up like this :

On the terrace :

If you were lucky enough to be on the terrace last Monday welcome to second helpings – it was just fantastic from the guv’nor. If you missed it well here you go. Just 7 days later we roll again and the man is crackling hot. The beauty of it is we have a season of this to look forward to.

And we also welcome Gerd Janson this week, the first time with us at Cocoon Ibiza. We have been looking forward to presenting this crate digging house honcho to you on the terrace for ages and tonight is the night. Get down early for a spring in your step and a grin from ear to ear. Trust us.

In the main room :

His Cocoon Ibiza dates are now something you write into your diary 5 minutes after the season line up is announced. And pop pickers there are 7 huge Mondays with the man to savour this year. This is number one.

And here comes Patrick Topping for his first solo gig with Cocoon Ibiza and we could not be happier to have him. He can do it all but tonight lets concentrate on enjoying a proper set from someone you cannot take your eyes or ears off in 2017

We first noticed them after something dirty and different popped up on the Barcode label, a collaboration with our main room headliner. That alone was enough to tell us this would be an interesting way to kick off the main room. Get along early tonight.
Every Monday a concoction to keep you on your toes. We are 18 for a reason.



Thu Jun 17

Sven Väth – Here and Now Summer Tour 2017

Sven Vath

Sven Väth – Here and Now Summer Tour 2017

We are delighted to announce the 2017 summer tour of Sven Vath. Massive festival dates, special smaller events and so much more action in between. Sven Vath is on the road again and there will be such a lot of dancing. Really a lot.


29.5 Cocoon @ Amnesia Ibiza Grand Opening (ES)
01.6 Cocoon Riccione @ Villa Delle Rose (IT)
03.06.17 Extrema Outdoor, Houthalen-Helchteren (BE)
03.06.17 Cocoon @ Free Your Mind Festival, Arnhem (NL)
04.06.17 Cocoon @ World Club Dome, Frankfurt (DE)
05.06.17 Cocoon @ Amnesia Ibiza (ES)
11.06.17 Rumors @ Destino, Ibiza (ES)
17.06.17 Rakete pres. The Lake, Zürich (CH)
18.06.17 Cocoon Barcelona @ Pacha (ES)
19.06.17 Cocoon @ Amnesia Ibiza (ES)
23.06.17 Grosse Halle, Bern (CH)
24.06.17 Awakenings Festival, Amsterdam (NL)
25.06.17 Awakenings Festival Amsterdam (NL)
26.06.17 Cocoon @ Amnesia Ibiza (ES)
29.06.17 Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome (IT)


02.07.17 Stil Vor Talent Festival, Berlin (DE)
03.07.17 Cocoon @ Amnesia Ibiza Spain
07.07.17 IMS College Malta @ Uno Malta (MT)
08.07.17 Cocoon In The Park, Leeds (U.K.)
09.07.17 Kappa FuturFestival, Turin (IT)
09.07.17 Cocoon @ Neversea Festival, Constanta (RO)
10.07.17 Cocoon @ Amnesia Ibiza (ES)
15.07.17 Homerun Open Air, Hanau (DE)
16.07.17 Greenfields Open Air Festival, Munich (DE)
21.07.17 Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos (GR)
22.07.17 Cocoon @ Parookaville, Weeze (DE)
23.07.17 Cocoon @ Tomorrowland, Boom (BE)
24.07.17 Cocoon @ Amnesia Ibiza (ES)
29.07.17 Green Beach Festival, Ohrid (MK)
30.07.17 Th!nk? Openair, Leipzig (DE)
31.07.17 Cocoon @ Amnesia Ibiza (ES)


03.08.17 Cocoon @ Untold Festival, Cluj-Napoca (RO)
04.08.17 Suono Di Beat Festival @ Circle, Soverato (IT)
05.08.17 Nature One Festival, Kastellaun (DE)
06.08.17 Family Piknik, Montpellier (FR)
07.08.17 Cocoon @ Amnesia Ibiza (ES)
10.08.17 Operà Beach Quartu, Sant’Elena (IT)
11.08.17 Medusa Sunbeach Festival, Valencia (ES)
11.08.17 SonneMondSterne Festival Saalburg, (DE)
12.08.17 Sven Väth in the Park @ Tini Soundgarden, Cecina (IT)
14.08.17 Cocoon @ Amnesia Ibiza (ES)
21.08.17 Cocoon @ Amnesia Ibiza (ES)
24.08.17 Movement Stage @ Sonus Festival, Pag Island (HR)
25.08.17 B My Lake Festival, Balaton Lake (HU)
26.08.17 Cocoon @ Mysteryland, Amsterdam (NL)
27.08.17 SW4 Festival, London (U.K.)
27.08.17 Creamfields Festival, Liverpool (U.K.)
31.08.17 The Ark Cruise, Mediterranean Sea


01.09.17 Lisb_on Jardim Sonoro, Lisbon, (PT)
02.09.17 Cocoon @ Tanzinsel Open Air, Würzburg (DE)
04.09.17 Electric Island Toronto (CA)
08.09.17 Apgrade Weekend @ Kalemegdan Fortress, Belgrade (RS)
09.09.17 Ambasada Gavioli, Izola (SI)
10.09.17 Solomun +1 @ Pacha, Ibiza (ES)
11.09.17 Cocoon @ Amnesia Ibiza (ES)
14.09.17 Cocoon Formentera @ Tipic (ES)
16.09.17 Cocoon at MDRNTY Cruise, Mediterranean Sea
17.09.17 Cocoon at MDRNTY Cruise, Mediterranean Sea
17.09.17 Cocoon Barcelona @ Pacha(ES)
18.09.17 Cocoon @ Amnesia Ibiza (ES)
21.09.17 Faust Club, Seoul (KR)
22.09.17 Cocoon @ World Club Dome, Seoul (KR)
23.09.17 Womb, Tokyo (JP)
30.09.17 Musée de l’homme, Paris (FR)
02.10.17 Cocoon @ Amnesia Ibiza Grand Closing (ES)