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Tue Feb 19

Cocoon Ibiza – dancing since 99

Ibiza & FormenteraSven Vath

Cocoon Ibiza – dancing since 99

Cocoon is delighted to announce that the Ibiza summer will begin with a one-off special event at Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel on the 25th May 2019. Under the sun and under the stars Sven Väth will be unveiling, in spectacular fashion, the 20th anniversary season of Cocoon Ibiza.

Park the date. Set the alarm. Tell your phone. Whatever it takes to be there from 2pm on the 25th May for a dramatic start to a big year for Cocoon.

More information very very soon.



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Mon Jan 19

Out now: Dots & Pearls V


Out now: Dots & Pearls V

To celebrate the turn of the year, Cocoon Recordings presents us with the fifth edition of the Dots And Pearls anthology, which has been offering us an exclusive glimpse into Cocoon‘s treasure trove of demos at irregular i
ntervals since 2011. Once again, the eight tracks on show represent a comprehensive snapshot of the current state of club music as 2018 fades into 2019, combining established stars of the scene with eye catching newcomers to create a harmonious overall package.

First up is Berlin based producer youANDme, who have been an integral part of the capital’s club life for over ten years as well as running the “Rotary Cocktail” label. His epic floor filler “Claret Loss” kicks off the compilation with a refreshingly reduced yet deep Techhouse showpiece as the “aural–circus” begins. In fact that’s the name of the next track by promising debutant Florian Hollerith. “Ohrenzirkus” amazes with a bone-dry bass drum accompanied by an insect squadron and atonal orchestra horns. Little wonder that this bold homage with its sonic claim to immortality also takes pride of place on Sven Väth’s “Sound of the 19th Season”.

Geneva based, Cadenza producer Quenum then reels in the acoustic madness with the elegant, metallic percussion of “Blue Mountain”, while Croatian mastermind Petar Dundov takes the listener into a highly emotional state of weightlessness with the typically anthemic “Pyroelectric”. Next, Systematic label boss Marc Romboy scores with “Sequential Error”, a perpetually growing ball of energy that lights the way to the dance floor. In the midst of the mayhem, Italian newcomer Blackrachas offers up a slice of Mediterranean serenity with his snare opus “Paracasta”, while veteran DJ and producer Emanuele Inglese from Rome demonstrates his special expertise for dancefloor hedonism with a flurry of modulated sequential breaks on the track “Rain”. Finally, Bastian Bux of Barcelona-based label Suara, who recently also featured on John Digweed’s Bedrock imprint, offers a fitting finale to the compilation with the melodic techno hymn “Inner You”.

Dots And Pearls 5 is set to be an indispensable part of this winter‘s clubland wonderland, which track you choose to dance in the new year is, of course, up to you!

(A1) youANDme – Claret Loss
(A2) Florian Hollerith – Ohrenzirkus (B1) Quenum – Blue Mountain
(B2) Petar Dundov – Pyroelectric (C1) Marc Romboy – Sequential Error (C2) Blackrachas – Paracasta
(D1) Emanuele Inglese – Rain
(D2) Bastian Bux –Inner Y ou

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Sat Jan 19

Sven Väth World Tour 2019 announced!

Sven Vath

Sven Väth World Tour 2019 announced!

After a long break of almost a week Sven Väth has announced details of a spectacular Spring tour that traverses the globe. Taking in Australia and the far east, South America and well everywhere really. Check the dates and, if you can, make a plan. Sven is always at his best after a rest.

Love, Cocoon

05.01.19 Mustache Takeover at Live Arena, Bangkok, Thailand
23.01.19 Cocoon Phuket at Illuzion, Thailand

02.02.19 Zouk, Singapore, Singapore
09.02.19 Blitz, Munich, Germany
15.02.19 Nordstern, Basel, Switzerland
16.02.19 Audio, Genf, Switzerland

01.03.19 Club Joule, Osaka, Japan
02.03.19 Womb, Tokyo, Japan
07.03.19 Goodbar, Sydney, Australia
09.03.19 Days Like This Festival, Victoria, Australia
09.03.19 Pitch Music & Arts Festival, Melbourne, Australia
10.03.19 Xe54, Melbourne, Australia
15.03.19 Fabrique, Milano, Italy
16.03.19 Cocoon London at Studio 338, UK
21.03.19 Lunar at Central Park, Tel Aviv, Israel
22.03.19 Cocoon Barcelona at Pacha, Spain
23.03.19 Grand Factory, Beirut, Lebanon
28.03.19 Cocoon Miami at TBA, USA
29.03.19 Ultra Festival, Miami, USA
30.03.19 Cocoon New York at 99 Scott Studio Warehouse, USA

05.04.19 Cocoon Madrid at Lab, Spain
06.04.19 Time Warp, Mannheim, Germany
13.04.19 Festival Panoramas, Morlaix, France
14.04.19 Cocoon at Caprices Festival, Crans-Montana, Switzerland
19.04.19 Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE, Dubai, UAE
20.04.19 Mob, Palermo, Italy
21.04.19 Watergate, Berlin, Germany
27.04.19 Loveland, Amsterdam, Netherlands
27.04.19 Karlingse Bos, Rotterdam, Netherlands
30.04.19 Cocoon Cordoba at Bnp Forja, Argentina

04.05.19 Cocoon Montevideo at Landia, Uruguay
10.05.19 Cocoon Prague at Vystaviste Hall, Czech Republic
17.05.19 Äänivalli, Helsinki, Finnland
18.05.19 Hafenfestival, Ludwigshafen, Germany
19.05.19 FLY Open Air at Hopetoun House, Edinburgh, UK
24.05.19 Sea Star Festival 2019, Umag, Croatia
25.05.19 20 Years of Cocoon Ibiza, more info soon


Wed Jan 19

20 years of Cocoon Ibiza

Ibiza & FormenteraSven Vath

20 years of Cocoon Ibiza

Dear friends,

we have made plans, of course we have.

The summer of 2019 is going to be a Cocoon summer. 20 years of Cocoon Ibiza.

See you sooner than you think

Love from all of us at 


Mon Dec 18

Out now: Pig & Dan – Reset your Baseline


Out now: Pig & Dan – Reset your Baseline

In keeping with the eagerly awaited start of their Odyssey event series at Fabric London, the two Mallorcans Pig&Dan return to their roots, namely Cocoon Recordings, where their 2005 debut “Oh Yeah” signalled the start of their success story. Nine years on from their last album release for the label (“Terminate”, 2009), Dan Duncan and Igor Tchkotoua have lost none of their sixth sense for moving the crowd as this uncluttered yet devilishly effective dancefloor double header proves.

“Reset Your Bassline” couldn‘t be more appropriately named, revealling itself over seven and a half adrenalin soaked minutes complete with a powerful, pumping bass and tightly programmed vocal samples (exclusively available on the digital release) alongside an instrumental dub. Already an indispensable addition to this autumn‘s set list, the flip side “Lost Another Angel” also delivers with a pure dose of afterhour bliss in both vocal and dub versions. It‘s a playful Balearic technodub with a canny sense for an unforgettable melody at sunrise, conjuring up broad smiles on glowing faces. Welcome back!

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